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Composting Toilet Flat Pack


This simple composting toilet comes as a flat pack to use in many situations like Tiny Homes, Caravan’s, Boat or Cabins.

Every time someone flushes a normal toilet, approximately 10 litres of clean drinkable water is contaminated and flushed away.  Having a compost toilet is a little bit of a mind-shift, but really it is just like composting  your food scraps based around aerobic breakdown of organic matter.

Made from untreated plywood with stainless steel hinges and screws. No flies can enter unlike other systems on the market.  The lid is extra wide for those of you who like comfort.

Measurements: Width 600mm, Height 440mm, Depth 550mm.

Set comes with all wooden parts, hinges and screws.

Sealing is recommended with either Tung Oil, Linseed Oil or a Natural Paint so that it can be wiped clean.

Let’s talk about Humanure:

Our Poo essentially, and how we take this precious resource and use it’s fertility instead of flushing it away to a treatment plant, the ocean or to a tank. Water is a valuable resource and so is our humanure.  Recycling nutrients back into the land instead of creating pollution in the world.

To be a part of the closed-loop system of growing our food, eating it, excreting it and then composting it – we are giving back to the earth what we had originally borrowed from it. It’s just part of human life – we all gotta poop!

With this bucket system we simply do our business and put on a bit of sawdust and then close the lid.  When the bucket is full we take it outside sealed with the lid and replace the bucket.  Basically the mass heap of buckets triggers a mass of microbial activity, this reaches thermophilic temperatures to kill the pathogens (around 55 degrees,  is important to check with a thermometer).

We don’t separate out our pee in this system as we haven’t found the smell to be a problem at all.  People always comment that the toilet doesn’t smell!

Please Note: This system has been designed for a 20 litre bucket with lid. Buckets are not included with the flat pack system.

Made to order making dispatch time 7-9 working days.