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African Violet | Pink & White


Propagated by a wonderful Accountant in West Auckland, she has discovered that African violets are fantastic indoor plants. Valued for their slightly fuzzy, ruffled leaves and colorful little blooms in various shades. If you’ve never grown this cheery little plant, you may be surprised that African violet care is really very simple.

Native to Eastern Africa, these popular houseplants are in the same family (Gesneriaceae) as gloxinia and primrose.

These easy-growing bloomers toss open blossoms, all the while making few demands. The secret to non-stop blooms is abundant light. African violets need a bright window that receives sun most of the day, think west- or south-facing window. Protect from the brightest hottest sun.

Do not use tap water for African violets. Use room-temperature distilled water or rain water. Keep the potting mix moist at all times, but not soggy and never let your plant sit in water.

Contained in a .75L Nursery Pot.

Dispatched early in the week to ensure our loved plants are not at a Courier Depo over a weekend period.

Out of stock