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Green Bubbles | Callisia Repens


Callisia repens – Bubble Plant is one of our favourite’s. Its a trailing plant that likes a bright warm location.  It can be tamed with regular trims to be a coffee table plant with curious foliage.

This plant has foliage you can’t help touching, like Baby’s Tears on vitamins.

Light levels: Will thrive in bright indirect sunlight.

Watering: The Callisia likes to be watered regularly, keep the soil moist. But don’t leave it sitting in water. Water a little less during winter months.

Growth: It is a fast-growing plant, reaching 30cm tall and it will cascade over the edge of the pot. Trim to maintain  your desired shape.

Contained in a .75L Pot.

Dispatch is the beginning of the week to avoid the plant sitting at the Courier Depo over the weekend.

Out of stock