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Sedum | Gold Mound


Sedum / Mexicana / Aculpulco Gold

Works well in containers and in particular hanging baskets, a fantastic colour for contrast. is bright yellow in full sun but this can green off to a vibrant lime colour if planted in shade.

Team up with purples, reds or blues or try planting with other succulents.  Works well as a ground cover or under-planting with fleshy foliage. A neat ground hugging plant that is useful for keeping the weeds down.

Needs little care and can be cut back hard to retain size.  Sedum likes a dry soil bit can handle moist soils and grows up to 15 x 75 cm.  The flower is a bright yellow fluffy flower that covers the plant in summer.

Contained in a .75 L Nursery Pot.

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Out of stock