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NZ King Fern | Rare Native


The King Fern is a native to New Zealand.  Large tropical in appearance, it has fronds that grow from the base which was a traditional food for Maori.  Sadly the King fern is in decline in New Zealand,  threatened by feral, cattle, wild pigs and goats.

It thrives in limestone-rich soils. You would normally see them at entrances to NZ caves and shady stream areas.  The King Fern does well in large pots or tubs used in a difficult places where nothing else will grow.  It can be grown in the open, the best results is when it’s planted in rich soil in a sheltered shady wet position.

King Fern makes a grand statement in the garden and can spread sometimes 6-10 metres wide, spreading dark shining green fronds arising up to 5 metres or more.

Contained in a .75L Nursery Pot

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