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Pomodoro Cherry Tomato Plant


Also known in Italy as “pomodoro for the balcony” the Pomodoro Cherry Tomato is ideal in pots if space is limited.

We are very excited to be growing these this summer.  Open pollinated red cherry with full flavoured sweet fruit. Dependable vigorous plants producing an abundance of fresh low acid good tasting tomatoes.  A prolific producer with big sprays set in clusters of 7-10 fruits that hold on well to the vine. Good for fresh eating, drying and roasting. A New Zealand favourite that grows just about anywhere.

With its full flavour the Pomodoro is the sort after Cherry Tomato famous Chefs have in their own garden!

Contained in a .75L nursery pot.

Dispatch beginning of the week to avoid the plant sitting at the Courier Depo over the weekend.


Out of stock