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Ceiling Clothes Airer | 1200mm Retractable


The traditional Clothes Airer was one of the early designs of its kind made and distributed in New Zealand for the Ceiling mounted clothes drying rack, and it’s sleek, compact, design and ease of use has made it a much loved addition to thousands of New Zealand homes.

The Airer once installed is designed to be loaded at waist height and then simply pulleyed up to the drying position just below the ceiling. Operating the pulley’s is surprisingly easy and your washing will soon dry in the warmer air near the ceiling. And remember, nothing is cluttering your precious floor area!

The Airer itself features Antique Black epoxy-coated metal end brackets hand-cast in the traditional way, and the four wooden rails are crafted from locally sourced kiln-dried Kahikatea (NZ White Pine), specially selected for its straight grain and warp-resistant stability. The rails are supplied fine sanded and ready to use but can be stained and clear-coated by the purchaser to match existing décor if required.

With 160mm spaces between each wooden lath, you are able to fit larger items on with ease, and with more air circulation space, along with being near the ceiling with its warmer air, they will dry faster than ever before. When fully loaded, the Clothes Airer will take up to 20kgs of washing.

With a lifetime Lifestyle Products Warranty, you can be sure this premium airer will be loved and hassle free for many years.


2x epoxy coated metal end brackets
Pulleys and screw mounting hooks
10m length of braided sash cord with cleat hook and screws
Easy DIY assembly instructions
Lifestyle Products Lifetime Warranty
30 day money back guarantee


500mm wide, black epoxy coated metal end brackets, cleat hooks, and pulleys with nylon pulley wheels for silent, smooth action
Kahikatea Pine Laths known for its warp resistant stability
Soft, easy to handle braided pulley cord
Length:   1.2m
Weight: approx. 5kg

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