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Clothesline | Coast Line


The Coast Line Clothesline is a highly durable clothesline that has large spaces between the lines – designed to catch the breeze. It has a linear hanging space of up to 40m for a large laundry load. This sturdy clothesline will complement your architecture and landscape with it’s modern black finish, and stylish, strong design.

With 230mm of air circulation space between each line, your washing will dry faster than ever before, and it’s sleek, compact, linear design allows it to be installed alongside your house or fence, making your laundry less conspicuous and saving precious space on your lawn or patio.

The sturdy galvanised T bar posts are made of heavy steel tube for maximum durability, and powder coated in a matt black finish over top of the galvanising for extra weather protection, and a high class, stylish look to complement your architecture or landscape.

The high strength traditional clothesline wire included is designed to be tensioned up easily with the tensioning joiners provided, and when fully loaded, the Coast Line will take a large load of wet laundry or bedding.

The In-concrete sleeves are concreted in first, and allow the poles to be removed temporarily, and the washing line to be taken down, maximising your outdoor space when needed.


2x T posts
High tensile galvanised clothesline wire with coating, easy to handle and easy on hands
No tools required tensioning joiners on each wire allowing even tension and easy re-tensioning over time
Easy DIY setup instructions
SwiftDry 20 year Structural Warranty


Materials: T Bars – Galvanised steel, with black powder coating over top
ADJUSTABLE height 1.75m – 2.05m off the ground
T Bar width 1.2m wide with 6 lines
60mm OD pipe with 4mm wall thickness
Length: Span up to 7m post to post (customised line length when installing)
Weight: approx. 40kg in 2 packages for shipping
Package 1 dimensions (T-Bars and parts): 80mm x 255mm x 1230mm. <15kg
Package 2 dimensions (Poles): 55mm x 105mm x 2110mm <23kg

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