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Bean Bag | Made in NZ | Large & Small


  • Our branded Bean Bags are made locally by experienced professionals and are certified “NZ Made”.
  • Eco-friendly product with 72% Cotton, and 28% Polyester (for strength) and printed with special vibrant coloured resin inks that impregnate the fibres to protect them from the elements, and common household spills.
  • AcquaBlockTM has an exclusive finish that guarantees ventilation between the threads, and a soft and pleasant hand feel without having that ‘plasticized’ appearance.
  • AcquaBlockTM doesn’t mind laying in the sun, sitting in the rain, getting dirty, or having stuff spilled on it; but it is not designed to stay wet, dirty, or in the sun for too long.
  • Our Bean Bags have a very comfy, unique chair like design, providing good back support, and with the right technique customers can easy stand unaided.


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Two Sizes:

    • Small Bean Bags 100 x 90 x 90cm require ~125L of beans.
    • Large Bean Bags 120 x 100 x 100cm require min 250L of beans.
    • Customers can add more beans to provide for a firmer, higher, more upright seated position. Beans are available from your local Trade Centres.
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