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Sweet Bubbles | Callisia Repens Pink Variegata


The Callisia repens – Sweet Bubble Plant are looking absolutely stunning, we just cant get enough and you wont be disappointed !

Its a trailing plant that likes a bright warm location.  It can be tamed with regular trims to be a coffee table plant with curious foliage.

Very pretty foliage that turns heads… gorgeous patches of dreamy baby-pink leaves, developing among the green or creamy-yellow foliage, complemented by the purple underside of its leaves. The stems grow and trail over the edge of its pot,  trim back green growth to encourage new pink growth.

Light levels: Will thrive in bright indirect sunlight.

Watering: The Callisia likes to be watered regularly, keep the soil moist. But don’t leave it sitting in water. Water a little less during winter months.

Contained in a .75L Nursery Pot.

Dispatch is early in the week to ensure our loved plants are not at a Courier Depo over a weekend period.

Out of stock