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Tradescantia Zebrina


This really is a colourful indoor plant, striking leaves of purple, shades of green and silver. The trailing habit of this plant gives a cascade of colour to any environment, maximizing on limited available space. It will eventually trail to reach an ultimate size of up to 2 metres and be generally very large. We find they do best when hung up and left to trail freely through the air.

Zebrina loves light and can tolerate all day lighting in a home environment. We advise bright but indirect light to avoid sunburn damage to the leaves. The more natural sunlight a Zebrina gets, the less variegated it becomes and the more purple its leaves will be!

The plant is tolerant of drought conditions,  these are hardy plants which will survive just about anywhere.

Grows up to 2 metres in height and 500mm wide.

Contained in a .75L nursery pot.

Dispatch is early in the week to ensure our loved plants are not at a Courier Depo over a weekend period.

Out of stock