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Bromeliad | Billbergia nutans


Billbergia nutans is often called the Friendship plant or Queens Tears. New shoots are produced multiple times a year, and the brilliant colors of the flower are always appreciated in plant lovers homes.

Fantastic in a hanging pot as the blooms hang down giving a fantastic show of the flowers.  Also, forms a very dense weed suppressing ground cover!

Flower bearing stems grow in pink, and produce clusters of flowers that are pink with blue and green segments. These flowers have elongated yellow stamens, giving the entire bloom a rainbow appearance.

Encouraging the Queens tears plant to flower is not difficult. Blooms last for six to eight weeks. If your plant is proving stubborn, add one teaspoon of Epsom salts to their water supply for one month, and the blooms should appear.

Contained in a .75L Nursery Pot.

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