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Fruit Collector | Multi Change Handles | WOLF-Garten


For laborious bending down and back pain to collect fallen fruit, now is the end!  Because thanks to of the new Multi-Star® fruit collector, you can now make it comfortable and upright – and faster than ever before. Click the fruit collector onto a multi-star® handle. Then glide with the basket made of flexible wires over the ground and take up e.g. apples or pears of 3.5 – 10 cm diameter. You can also easily pick up smaller fruits and even nuts. To do this, switch to the small basket (FC-MS) available as an optional extra accessory for diameters from 2.0 – 4.5 cm.

Even emptying the “harvest” is easier than ever: with the included bracket, you can put it in a bucket in a flash.

Combine different handle types that have been developed for various applications.

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