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Mipuchi Dog Perfume | Mandarin & Kiwifruit


The fetching and luxurious playful natural scents of pure New Zealand.

Spring into the citrusy fragrance of a Mandarin combined with a sweet aroma of pure New Zealand Kiwifruit and lets not leave out the comforting hint of vanilla.

We never use alcohol in our fragrances, so you’ll never get a whiff of that and neither will your best friend. That’s because once alcohol-based perfumes are applied they start to evaporate, causing moisture to be drawn from your dog’s skin and hair – potentially causing dryness and irritation. Which is why we blend Mipuchi fragrances by hand using 100% plant-based products and oils to ensure your best friend’s safety.

Our patented natural formulas provide a protective film containing moisturising ingredients, which also contribute to a shiner coat and assist in making combing easier.

No alcohol, parabens, sulphates or harmful chemicals.

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