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OUCH Moments Support Herbals


26mls – for Cats + Dogs + Goats + Sheep

Ouch Moments Drops are designed as herbal support for Ouch moments, also for supporting ease of movement, especially for our old timers.  Our products are based on home remedies for pets and people, using traditional preparation methods, free of additives and fillers. Herbal extracts are made in New Zealand.

+ Ease of movement for both pets & people.
+ For any minor ‘Ouch’ moment!
+ Suitable for old timers too.

What herbs are used in this blend:
NZ Native rongoa Pukatea
NZ Native rongoa Kawakawa

Sensible Precaution:
Pregnant & lactating pets should avoid all herbal remedies unless specifically advised. Our rongoa maori ma te mokai are intended to support and not to cure, treat or control conditions characterised by pain and distress or replacing existing medication from your Veterinarian.  If the preparation fails to alleviate the condition being treated the user should seek veterinary advice.