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Repelling Fleas Naturally


Natural Support KIT for Repelling Fleas 

The Natural Support Kit for Repelling Fleas is made in New Zealand and contains 2 products which include a blend of herbals,  plus a powder that can be rubbed into pet’s fur or added to food.

The contents can be reduced to a maintenance dose (as indicated on the label)

What does this kit contain?
The Supporting Herbals for Flea & Worm drops from the Natural Pet Remedies Store range (NZ Kawakawa/Black walnut) is part of the natural home remedy for discouraging or repelling fleas on cats and dogs.  The second product is a yeast based powder.  Specifically formulated pet products based on home remedies for repelling fleas.  Our products are free of additives and fillers and made using the traditional herbal method.

How do you use the Natural Support Kit for Repelling Fleas?

Herbal: the dosage of the herbal blend is by the drop and shown on the label.  These drops can be added to water, wet food or directly in the mouth.
Powder: the powder can be added to wet food or sprinkled over food at the same time or rubbed into pets fur.  Only a pinch is required.  If the preparation fails to alleviate the condition being treated, the user should seek veterinary advice.

Pregnant & lactating pets should avoid all herbal remedies unless specifically advised.  Please note our rongoa maori ma te mokai is intented to support our pets and not to cure, treat or control.  Natural Pet Remedies Store herbal drops is not designed as a replacement for prescribed medication including worming/parasite from your Veterinarian.


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