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Indoor-Outdoor Shower Twin Taps | Copper-Chrome | Short


Handcrafted in Canterbury, New Zealand.  A stylish solution to keep sand and mud out of your home; it’s the perfect end to a day at the beach, a trip to the dog park, or a muddy winter sports game or style up your bathroom for indoor installation.

Roses are crafted in Canterbury from locally spun copper, and hand-punched to capture the simplicity and elegance of traditional Victorian workmanship. We use 0.7mm copper to provide high durability in outdoor conditions, ensuring your shower rose will last a lifetime and always look beautiful.

The Exposed Pipe shower can be configured out of the wall or floor, so it can stand full length over a bath or be wall-mounted.

Dimensions can be easily adjusted by your plumber during installation.

Ideal if you’re designing to suit an unusual space.


Independent hot and cold tap control adds to the vintage appeal of the shower unit.  Original hand-made mixing chamber (which is a great option if you need custom centres for your supply feeds).

It’s the choice of finish that really makes the exposed pipe shower your own; the warmth and richness of antique-aged copper bringing character to an Artisan-inspired scheme, whilst polished copper or chrome fit in well in a modern setting.

Our range has been well tested and approved to a full 3 star rating* for water consumption.


Click here to add to your shower experience with a hand held shower kit.   Includes an inline diverter

along with a solid brass hose and wall mount to hold the hand held shower fitting.

hand held shower head


  • Overall height – Short (out of wall) – 1400mm
  • See here for Full – 2400mm (from the ground up)
  • Forward reach – 500mm but can be cut to fit your needs on site
  • The 200mm and 250mm rose sizes come with 20mm pipes and fittings.
  • All Fittings are made from solid copper and brass.
  • Waste pipes are not included.



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